miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Release Notes version 1.25


Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we have updated our game to its latest version. With this update we have rebalanced our Fellowship Tournaments, making it easier and less time consuming to obtain higher level rewards. For the full release notes, please check below.

In case you were wondering - we did indeed skip version number 1.24, which was necessary due to the changes in our release cycle. More information on that can be found here, if you're interested.


  • Our loading screen has been redesigned. Check out the cool new screen now!
  • It is now always possible to buy Knowledge Points, also when your KP bar is full.
  • The Fellowship Tournaments have had some balancing changes. In short, this contains the changes below. For more information, please see the separate announcement.
    • The number of tournament province encounters has been reduced to 4 per province, making it less time consuming to do the tournaments (especially for fighters). This also means that the army sizes per sector have increased, keeping the total "costs" per province more or less the same.
    • Cater costs have been altered to keep the balance between fighters and traders.
    • Based on player's feedback, we have adjusted the tournament rewards. New rewards will be introduced (e.g. broken rune shards) to make the chests more attractive in general and higher level chests will be easier to reach.
  • Banshees, Banshees II and Vallorian Guards can now be encountered in World Map provinces.
  • Battles against large size enemies have been made slightly easier (the amount of units you face now rounds down instead of up), which is especially useful for newer players.
  • Relics obtained from Tournaments are now counted towards quest progress.
  • Tome of Secrets is not wondering what it has produced anymore.
  • Tournament banners are no longer visible on the World Map for players who are not in a Fellowship.
  • Blooming Trader Guilds now give the correct reward percentage at level 20 again.
Please let us know your thoughts on this update - we're looking forward to hearing from you in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

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