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Help us welcome the Elementals!


Dear Humans and Elves,

The time has come for a new guest race to join your cities in Elvenar : The Elementals!

The Elementals are a very old and mystical race that lives in another dimension. Their boisterous power of nature is bound into magic masks that enable them to take a stable shape. For instance, they can use the masks to appear in a humanoid shape to interact with other races (remember the Masquerade event?). Without their masks, they would not be much more than uncontrolled fire, water, air and earth, so the masks are quite vital to their cultural existence.

Unfortunately, they lack the precise knowledge how to build these masks on their own. That is why they lived in a kind of symbiosis with the Elvenar. The mighty, god-like Elvenar helped them to create the masks, and in turn the Elementals used their power to build up glorious cities and also legendary armies. No other race would dare to threaten the Elvenar when they are supported by such a powerful force.

Every few centuries, the Elementals have to revisit Elvenar to renew their masks - and their collaboration and friendship with the Elvenar. That is why they suddenly pop up in your town, expecting you to be the Ancient Elvenar. When they find out that you are indeed not the Elvenar, they start to worry a lot about their own future. They decide to build up a Settlement in your town to help you regain access to the knowledge of your ancestors - ultimately to help them to survive.

In the process, they teach you the basics of how to produce Sentient Goods, a technique that future Guest Races will further improve. The Elementals start with showing you how to produce Platinum, Moonstones and Elven Tree Gum using the Divine Seeds. This will enable you to progress through the Tech Tree and unlock improved versions not only of your own buildings, but also of the Settlement Buildings, which are unlocked level by level this time. Thus, as a player, you can watch step by step in the Settlement, how the instable Elementals of the beginning slowly regain control of their shape and build more and more stable structures and in the end proper buildings.

Can you save the Elementals before they cease to exist and turn into pure elements? And can you prove to be the true heir to the Elvenar?

Ancient wonders:
Of course, the Elementals come to your city with two new amazing Ancient Wonders to unlock by the end of this Chapter:

The Sunset Towers will grant you divine seeds with every opened Neighborly Help chest as well as a reduction of the divine seeds daily decay.

The Victory Springs will increase the strength of light melee units and increase the training ground's training speed too.

To sum it up: This Chapter will offer to you a new level of knowledge, bringing brand new types of goods as well as new gameplay mechanics. We hope you will enjoy and overcome this new challenge using the right strategy to help the astonishing Elementals! Of course we're looking forward to hearing your feedback in our Feedback Thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Sentient goods

Sentient goods:

To help you get a little bit more familiar with the Sentient Goods, we'd like to share the next facts with you about them:

  • Sentient Goods are produced in your Manufactories from level 24 on. As for the other goods, each player will have a boost attributed to one specific type of Sentient Good.
  • Your boosted Sentient Good production will NOT match your regular goods boosted production.
  • The production options for Sentient Goods will replace some of the production options for the normal Good in that Manufactory. Therefore, you will still have access to 4 production options in your manufactories level 24 and above: the two shortest production cycles of classic goods, and two sentient goods production cycles.
  • The Sentient Goods unlocked with the Elementals chapter, are called "Moonstone", "Platinum" and "Elven Tree Gum".
  • The Sentient Goods production requires Divine Seeds and the corresponding standard Good. (E.g. Platinum requires Divine Seeds and Steel.)
  • The Sentient Goods are only shown after entering the Elementals chapter.
  • The Sentient Goods follow a daily decay (much like Mana does). This decay does not cause the goods to disappear completely, but they are turned back into their original base good. (E.g. Decayed Platinum turns back to Steel.) You won't get the involved divine seeds back though.
  • Sentient Goods can be traded with an extended amount of players via the Trader.
  • Elementals work on Mobile, but the trading of Sentient Goods doesn't work on mobile yet. We will implement it with the next Mobile app version!

Pequeño adelanto de la nueva raza

Por fin nueva raza y se ha echo esperar!!

Los Elementales ya están aquí con nuevas misiones a realizar. Necesitaremos 280 provincias completadas para desbloquear el cofre que da inicio a lo que es para muchos la parrilla de salida de esta nueva competición.

Haz clic en las imágenes para verlas mas grandes.

30 nuevas investigaciones para modernizar nuestras ciudades y sin duda muchos ya mirando, cuantas expansiones hay?. Mejor no lo digo!

Dentro de la cultura dispondremos de nuevos edificios
 El primero es Life Drawing Session de 1x3 y que aporta 480 de cultura y 830 de maná (69/h)

En la siguiente ventana vemos 6 nuevos en donde destaca el de 3600 diamantes por dar 2600 de población +2900 de cultura y 9700 de maná (606/h). el inconveniente lo tiene en su tamaño 5x3.
Park Bench es 2x1 y aporta 440 de cultura + 310 de maná (34/h)
Café Masquerade es 3x5 y da 6500 de cutura
Butterfly shrub aporta 800 de cultura y es 1x1
Monument of a Peaceful Past da 1770 de cultura en un 1x4.
Y para acabar The Unknown elvenar que da 172 de población y 450 de cultura.

Temple of the Elements es un 6x4 y da 18.400 de cultura y 13.400 de maná (558/h)
Torch Fountain es 4x4 y da 1800 de cultura y 3200 de mana (533/h)
Side canal es 3x1 y aporta 2000 de cultura y 1260 de maná (70/h)

El portal
Como supongo que aún no te e asustado bastante te dejo el coste del nuevo portal
Es solo un 8x5 y entre que lo colocas y se construye te puedes ir de vacaciones.

Vemos que hay canales Norte-Sur y Este-Oeste

El otro canal es idéntico salvo que es un 2x6

A continuación vemos los 4 siguientes edificios.

Y por último una ojeada a las maravillas


Ya mas adelante intentaremos ir dando a conocer lo que trae la nueva raza.

Si todo va bien para el próximo 25 de enero la tendremos en nuestro mundo.

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